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Rosi And Nora Roti John

Rosi And Nora Roti John

Besides roti prata, I also like roti john as well even though it is not my primary choice but a recommendation from my church friend years ago.

The word roti is very obvious if you are a fellow Singaporean.

But to those who do not know, it is actually a bread loaf that is sliced hot-dog sandwich-style – very similar to Subway –

Before filled with a mixture of lightly beaten eggs, minced meat, onions, and various combination of spices like ketchup or chilli and vegetables.

The bread is then fried top-down, until the topping sets and becomes crispy.

That used to be the standard dish from 1970 to early 2000s but over the years, it has improved significantly with more choices and variety.

Rosi And Nora Roti John

One of the stalls I patronized regularly is Rosy And Nora Roti John which is regarded as among the most popular though I went to other Little India stalls and Adam Road Food Centre mentioned previously on prata and nasi lemak.

It is also believed that the dish was created to suit Western taste since the term John is universally used to denote Caucasians in Asia.

Rosy And Nora Roti John Stall

14 Haig Rd 430014, Singapore

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