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Pastamania Marinara Fusili And Hot Brasil Chicken Pizza

Pastamania Marinara Fusili And Hot Brasil Chicken Pizza

Whenever I am at Pastamania cafe and asked what I like to have for my meal, I instinctively ordered Marinara Fusili and Hot Brasil Chicken Pizza along with Fanta Grape and sometimes yoghurt ice cream.

For those are the only ones that appeal to me more than anything else on menu since I went there regularly.

But just a brief history of how I discovered and fell in love with it.

I first encountered Pastamania as a stall in the now defunct Food Picnic within the basement of Scotts Shopping Centre after coming back from my Graphic Design course lessons.

The minute I ate the pasta, I instantly am attached to it.

The very first dish I ordered was Spicy Chicken fusili – one of the many pasta choices they have besides spagahetti and my only favourite since they resembled macaroni.

It consisted of pasta, chunks of steamed chicken and chilli sauce which made it really spicy.

Now what made my day memorable was besides encountering this stall and tasting the pizza, I also met and got autographs from our ex-star footballer and now Singapore national coach Fandi Ahmad and his fellow player V Selvaraj.

They were part of the 1994 Singapore soccer team who won both the Malaysian Premier League and Cup Double.

Subsequently I ordered and stuck to Marinara Fusili and Hot Basil Chicken Pizza after tasting many others as well.

Pastamania Marinara Fusili And Hot Brasil Chicken Pizza

Pastamania Marinara Fusili And Hot Brasil Chicken Pizza

Marinara is basically seafood pasta in its finest with tomato sauce, prawns and squid while Hot Basil Chicken Pizza is bread dough with minced Basil chicken gathered and pickled together in organized fashion.

When the stall closed down due to Scotts Shopping Centre renovaton, I went to the cafe at old Funan Centre from 2003 all the way to 2014 as well as branches at Bugis Junction, Bishan Junction 8, Changi Airport and now at both Bukit Batok’s West Mall and my homeplace Jurong East’s JEM shopping centre.

The total price even for a personal pizza, pasta, minestrone soup, garlic bread, drink and dessert cost me over $30.

But again it is money well-spent and I will go there again.

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