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Li Chang Fishball Noodles

Li Chang Fishball Noodles

Formerly at Jurong East until the husband owner passed away 4 years ago, Li Chang Fishball Noodles has always been go-to-my place come every Mondays.

Besides macoroni and porridge at the same food center I will bring up later, this are my standard Monday meals the same way beef noodles, char kuay teow and carrot cake are on Fridays.

The reason being the first working day of the week and after a rather heavy eating and drinking weekends, I prefer to eat light on Mondays.

To be honest if not for my mother’s cooking rice and insistence on me eating, I will not consume mixed vegetables rice when on my own whether at home when she is on vacation or outside except porridge.

Since rice contains high calories especially white ones.

Now back to the main subject.

Li Chang Fishball Noodles

Li Chang has been around since 1985 when I moved from Holland Village.

Besides fishball and minced pork noodles which comes in 3 varieties in Ban Mian (thin noodles), mee hoon, kuay teow and thick noodles, they also served laksa.

While the former two are very popular, their laksa loses out to their more popular neighbour and competitor in the same hawker and wet market center I will also be mentioning later.

The dry chilli Mee Pok is absolutely the best with right proportion of chilli, ginger, noodles, fishballs, fish mini-dumpings and of course minced meat served with soup.

But when I am not feeling well or just recovered from sickness, I choose their lighter versions in fishball kuay teow soup and occasionally mee boon and noodles.

Unfortunately shortly after their last vacation in 2016 they took for the first time in 4 years, the husband co-owner passed away from cancer and his wife decided not to continue and sell off the stall.

Though there are other fishball noodle stalls as well such as Hong Chang which was set up 3 years ago, I considered Li Chang the best since they are the pioneers and originators of what makes a great fishball noodles

In spite of the fact some of you reading this may have different views depending on where you live and hang out to eat regularly.

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