Keto Sweets Review

Written by certified nutritional therapist Kelsey Ale, Keto Sweets is a cookbook jam-packed with 80 delicious and easy keto-friendly dessert recipes.

Those recipes are guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth – while still maintaining ketosis.

These incredible fat-burning ketofied recipes such as mint chip ice cream, bacon-filled chocolate, and favorites like chocolate chip cookie cake, are already making a huge splash.

Truth being said, keto is now a worldwide phenomenon through popular shows like Rachel Ray and Dr Oz.

Backed by leading doctors and nutritionists, they are now even used by celebrities like Halle Berry and the Kardashians.

Kelsey Ale Before And After Kelo Diet Photos

So what is so special about this kelo thing?

Basically it enables your body to use its own fat as fuel.

Instead of constant roller coaster of energy levels, you will glow with all-day and beaming energy.

Better still in spite of these, the excess weight falls off your trouble areas.

Traditionally, going keto used to be giving up all carbs such as your favourite cookies, ice cream, brownies and cakes etc.

Keto Sweets Review

This book Keto Sweets is changing all that such as teaching you how to prepare delicious yet healthy servings of brownies, cakes, cookies, key lime pie, strawberries and cream popsicles etc.

Here is what you will be getting:

1. 8 Mouth-Watering Frosted Ice Cream,

2. 8 Decadent Cakes,

3. 10 Cheesecake,

4. 6 Brownies,

5. 10 Cookies,

6. 7 Popicles

7. 14 Candies

8. 7 Custards And

9. 8 Pies Recipes

All in all, you are getting about 80 different recipes from all these categories.

Other than the book which you just need to pay for shipping fee, she will also be providing 3 other free bonuses such as:

1. The 7-Day Keto Meal Plan

Which provides you a daily schedule of what you should eat and still enjoy for your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to keep your fat burning all day long.

2. Keto Shopping List And Ingredients

Here is a guide you can print or even download inot your phone for easy access and remember better.

Everything is in PDF format, showing you what they are, how much they cost and where you can get them.

3. The Keto Beginners Guide

Since Kelo is very popular now, there is also plenty of misinformation about what it actually is.

That is why Kelsey has written this guide especially for those new to Keto but still wanitng to be healthy again.

Inside you will discover:

1. What Kelo diet is,

2. Why it is so effective and popular,

3. What happens when your body goes into Ketosis,

4. What goals you need to set through eating meals with the right amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein


Keto Sweets Review

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