Keto Slow Cooker Review

Keto Slow Cooker is another book written by popular nutritionist Kelsey Ale.

It features 80 mouth-watering Keto slow cooker recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

It is written for those who want to indulge, save time in the kitchen, and stay in ketosis.

Foods such as chocolate, crepes, donuts, pasta, pizza and pudding.

Delicious Pizza

Tasty Donuts

Before I go further, let me explain why most people – including myself – fail at diets.

The reason is simply carb carvings.

And why keto is a fantastic tool for slimming down without having to skip delicious foods such as avocado, bacon, eggs and even exercise.

Even for Kelsey herself who used to eat high carb and highly processed vegetarian diet under the assumption it will help her to be healthy again.

But after ending up in hospital and recovery, she decided to embark on her discovery journey and realized that Keto-Paleo diet as in eating low carb, unprocessed and yet delicious real foods.

That transformed her health, look and perception of things.

Months of testing and experimenting have enabled to come up with what she calls the Keto Carb Breakthrough.

Here are some recipes to give you a better understanding of what she is talking about.

1. Keto Carb Vs Regular Pancakes

Instead of using blood sugar wrecking and body inflaming wheat flour and cane sugar, her keto carb pancakes use almond flour and monk fruit.

That effectively reduced the carbs in your pancakes from 66 to just 12 grams and no added processed sugar.

That way you get to eat your favourite pancakes without adding excess belly fat.

2. Monk Fruit Vs High Fructose Corn Syrup

Inside her recipes, she and her family use monk fruit which is a tasty and yet zero calorie sweetener with antioxidant and anti-diabetes properties.

They are better than toxic high fructose corn syrup that not only bloats your wristline rapidly but can cause you to suffer from serious blood sugar issues.

3. Keto Carb Vs Normal White Bread

Normal white bread has been shown to skyrocket blood sugar levels.

With her keto carb, that effectively reduced 2/3 of the carbs

With those simple ingredients, they are able to come up with chocolate pudding, pepperoni pizza, spaghetti with pesto and crepes just to name a few.

They look, taste and feel like normla carb-rich favourites but the important difference is they are actually pure Keto friendly and support healthy ketosis.

Also known as 21 Day Keto Challenge, this is a program that helps her students to see how exactly they make in their progress of eating Keto in just 21 days.

It contains all the recipes she and her successful students have been consuming.

Foods comprising of ingredients to support ketosis, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, boost energy and more.

Other than the boo, you are also getting 4 valuable bonuses free if you decided to invest in the book.

Such as:

1. Challenge Meal Plan

Using her experience and knowledge, Kelly has put together 30 delicious Keto-approved recipes and meal plan guidelines.

These will help you how to create a custom keto meal according to your body weight, shopping list to save time and money at grocery store and prepare relevant meals quickly and easily.

2. Main Program

Everyday, you will receive an email from Kelsey covering a specific tip and action step for you to take to achieve your goals faster.

3. Preparation Week

Having listened to her clients, she learnt that the main problem they faced is once the challenge started, they were already behind since they have no time to shop for ingredients and learn more about the program.

So Kelly added an extra week to allow you all the time you need to prepare.

Other bonuses include private Facebook community group access, keto shopping list, starter guide, cheat sheet and macronutrient calculator,

So if that is what you want in order to lose weight seriously instead of just making another yet pointless New Year resolution of losing weight but without a proper plan, this may be what you need and want to reverse your situation.

Keto Slow Cooker Review

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