Houston And No Signboard Braised Duck Noodles And Rice

Along with Nasi Lemak and rice dumplings, braised duck noodles and rice are my Thursday standard meals.

I shall begin with Houston which is in Jurong East Central coffeeshop near to J-Cube.

To be honest, I did not have a good impression initially as the rice was not served to my expectation and half soft and hard in 2014.

Houston And No Signboard Braised Duck Noodles And Rice

I since ordered noodles and kuay chap which the elderly 2 uncles and 1 auntie trio more than make up for it and been eating for the next 6 years.

And when I do, I usually have large portions with all forms of duck delicacies as in meat, liver, tofu, peanuts, wu xiang rolls and eggs that cost $7 with another $3 Cheng Tang dessert.

But the $10 was worth spent because when you invest more, they will give you more.

Compared to the rice which I still have not tasted since 2014, the noodles served are either yellow thick noodles or kuay teow as dry with sambal and standard chicken rice chilli or soup.

Other than, they also served kuay chap – which are thicker kuay teow soup with liver, beancurd, peanuts and chap po braised vegetables.

Now prior to that and before moving into Jurong East in 1985, my other favourite braised duck now with rice is at Meiling Food Centre’s No Signboard Duck Rice stall.

Houston And No Signboard Braised Duck Noodles And Rice

This stall used to be at Margaret Drive and Commonwealth Close wet market and hawker centre near to my grandmother’s place I spent most of my childhood days with my cousins.

In 2018, when I set up my first office with business partner in Redhill, I went there regularly for lunch again every Thursdays.

Houston And No Signboard Braised Duck Noodles And Rice

However sadly at the time of posting this, they already closed in 24 November 2019.

They are now in their 70s to the point of retiring and their children have their own careers and do not wish to take over the stall.

In comparison, if you want to eat at Jurong East Houston, I recommend noodles and kuay chap though I assume their rice may have improved though they can never match the elderly couple at No Signboard stall.

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