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DIY Chinese Food Review

DIY Chinese Food ReviewDIY Chinese Food Review

The best-selling Chinese cookbook on Clickbank for more than 2 years running, the DIY Chinese book is a cookbook written by China-born master chef NIcholas Zhou.

Since 9, he has always been interested in cooking.

At first, he began learning from his mother in kitchen and subsequently from his aunt who was a well-known restaurant chef in his hometown

During those childhood to youth moments, his aunt has been invited to cook for all major events, feasts and wedding parties.


DIY Chinese Food Review

She taught him everything she knew about cooking.

From selecting ingredients, balancing nutrition, balancing nutrition, 6 key techniques in Chinese cooking, 8 Chinese cooking styles and even table etiquette.

After his aunt’s passing, he decided to share his knowledge he acquired with the world through workshops, networking events and this cookbook.

Master Chef Nicholas Zhou
Master Chef Nicholas Zhou Teaching Students How To Cook Chinese Dishes

DIY Chinese Food Review

DIY Chinese Food Review

This unique 530-page cookbook contains:

1. 500 low carb and low fat Chinese recipes in 15 categories

2. 170 colorful Chinese food photos

3. Nicholas’s 40 years of cooking experience

4. His 4 years of research on healthy eating

5. All the secret recipes in your favorite Chinese restaurants

6. Hundreds of killer cooking tips and techniques used by professional Chinese chefs

7. Insider secrets how 12,800 people worldwide improve their health by cooking healthy food

8. Recipes and tips for healthy and balanced eating on a daily basis

9, Quick and easy meal plans in 15 to 45 minutes

10. Amazing party recipes in 40 minutes for over 10 people


Other than the main guide, you are also getting 4 other free bonuses as in:

1. Cooking With Nicholas Zhou: From Novice To Master

2. Chinese Cooking Glossary: Ingredients And Cooking Terms

3. Real And Healthy Chinese Cooking Weekly Newsletter

4. Lifetime Upgrade As In Getting Access To His Future Updates In Main Guide And Those Bonuses

All this information can be downloaded in 3 minutes worldwide through either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word.

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