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Amoy Fried Kuay Teow

Amoy Fried Kuay Teow

Along with Hong Lim Food Center’s Outram Park stall, this has to be my favourite fried kuay teow I regularly ate with beef noodles and carrot cake only on Fridays without fail.

Run by elderly men, I must say the dish is cooked to perfection because the dark sauce they added blends perfectly with the stir-fried noodles or kuay teow as we Hokkein Chinese prefer to term as Char Kuay Teow. 

In my opinion, the most important factor in cooking a perfect and delicious char kuay teow is never allow the black sauce to drip out of the noodles despite adding.

Easy to say and comment but not easy to do from hawker’s perspective unless he has knowledge and experience in cooking this for years which the elderly men did.

I also like their clams and fried eggs which gelled with the dish as well.

The chilli is superb and makes me want to finish all the way through.

The only thing I do not like is they do not provide spoons.

So I have to scoop and hold the noodles with just chopsticks in traditional Chinese style.

Amoy Street Char Kuay Teow

However unlike Outram Park which I must consider as No. 1, this one opens from morning to evenings.

Fried Kuay Teow

7 Maxwell Road

#01-01 Amoy Street Food Centre

Singapore 069111 (Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit G)

Opening Hours: 9am – 7:30pm (Mon – Fri)

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