Afrin Ali And Zam Zam Roti Prata

Besides curry chicken, mee and Maggie goreng, the other Indian food I enjoyed is roti prata.

In case you are not from Singapore, India but from some other Western countries wondering what it is, it is actually Indian drough made into crusty grilled pieces the same way our Chinese drough is made into youtiao I previously showed you with porridge.

Served with either plain, potatoes or mutton curry of your choice, it serves as a perfect side dish to complement your main meal especially breakfast.

Other than the plain prata, you can have other choices such as egg, cheese, banana and many other varieties.

Afrin Ali And Zam Zam Roti Prata

Though I tasted prata in various places, the ones I went to frequently are my Yuhua Village or Jurong East hawker centre Afrin Ali and Little India’s Zam Zam.

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